The end of printed prescriptions at OPS

Oaks Place Surgery have moved into Phase 4 of the Electronic Prescription Service which means that 100% of our prescriptions are transferred electronically to a pharmacy of your choosing. We are asking patients to choose a local pharmacy where they don’t have one nominated already.

Due to Covid-19 – this has been enormously helpful in getting medication to patients without contact.

EPS Phase 4 will take EPS one step further and make electronic prescriptions the most common method of issuing prescriptions. Patients without a nomination will receive a prescription token that they can take to a pharmacy of their choice (in the current climate this mail be sent via SMS link or secure mail.) A prescription token looks like (but cannot be used in the same way as a prescription).

a normal prescription or a barcoded prescription (Release 1): prescription tokens contain a barcode, which an EPS Release 2 (R2) dispenser can scan to reconcile the prescription token with the electronic prescription.

You can also use electronic prescriptions for repeat dispensing; patients can return directly to their nominated dispenser for each issue in the repeat dispensing course.