Military Veterans

Health needs of the Armed Forces

Military personnel put themselves in harm’s way in the service of their country. They risk injury or death in the course of their duty and it is recognised the debt society owes to its Armed Forces, their families and veterans.

Society’s obligations are set out in the Armed Forces Covenant, a framework for the duty of care Britain owes its Armed Forces. In terms of healthcare, the key principle is that they experience no disadvantage in accessing timely, comprehensive and effective healthcare and that they receive bespoke services for their particular needs or combat-related conditions including, for instance, specialist limb prostheses and rehabilitation.

Please let us know if you were/are a member of our armed forces so that we can update you records.

Veterans In Mind

Veterans in Mind work collaboratively with veterans, or their loved ones to provide support and care with a focus on improving psychological wellbeing, increasing social networks and long- term recovery.  Effective treatment is offered to those veterans who may be experiencing psychological affects resulting from their time as a serving armed forces member.  These effects can include depression, anxiety and problems relation to personality issues.

Samaritans Veterans App

The Samaritans Veterans app is a free app that can provide you with emotional support after your career in the Armed Forces and can accessed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device

Please visit the Samaritan’s website for further information

NHS Healthcare

Click the link below to see how NHS can help if you’re in the British armed forces or are a veteran, a reservist or a family member of someone who is serving or who has served.

NHS Website – Healthcare for the Armed Forces Community