Patient Online Services

Quick and easy_440x220You can get access to detailed coded information in your medical record which includes any diagnoses, medicines, allergies, vaccinations, test results, letter and consultations.
What to do
  1. Create an online account using your preferred provider. Click here to visit the NHS Website to choose an app
  2. Complete the form below.

Please ensure you read the NHS guidance about using online services here

Please note:

We can provide online access to records from the date you registered with our practice onwards.

If you would like record access you will need to provide up to date proof of your identity e.g.  1 x photo ID and 2 x official address ID (examples below).

Examples of Photographic ID Evidence

  • UK or EU passport/Non-EU passport
  • UK full or provisional photo-card driving licence
  • EU/other nationalities photo-card driving license
  • Biometric Residence Permit
  • HM Armed Forces Identity Card

Examples of Non-photographic ID Evidence

  • Full birth certificate (UK/Channel Islands)
  • Full birth certificate issued by UK authorities overseas
  • UK full old style paper driving licence.
  • Work permit/residency permit (UK/Channel Islands)
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (UK/Channel Islands)
  • Divorce, dissolution or annulment papers (UK/Channel Islands)
  • Gender recognition certificate
  • Deed Poll Certificate

Examples of Address Evidence

  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Local authority tax statement¬†(UK/Channel Islands)
  • UK full or prvisional driving licence
  • UK full old style paper driving licence.
  • Bank, Building society or credit card statement
  • Credit Union Statement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement
  • Benefit statement book or card or original notification letter from DWP
  • Entry on Electoral Register

Examples of ID evidence for 16-19 year olds

  • Grant or student loan agreement
  • Full birth certificate (UK/Channel Islands)
  • Full birth certificate issued by UK authorities overseas
  • National insurance number or proof of issue
  • Letter from Head Teacher/College Principal (will be verified).
  • Document from a local/central governmane tauthority or local authoirty giving entitlement.
  • Qualification Certificate

If you have a problem supplying any of this information, please contact the practice and ask for the Practice Business Manager who also manages our Information and Technology and she will be able to verify your identity in other ways.

These products are third party products, the practice is not responsible for any issues with any of the patient online service apps.  Please contact the provider directly.
Please note that several ID documents may be requested should you want access to all areas of your record. Pleae note that access is granted at the discretion of the GP.
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Please upload Identification documentation below. Note that this will be deleted once identity has been verified.
For further information about which documents you can provide, please see guidance above.
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