familygroup copyIn the NHS Five Year Forward View, it was made clear that the NHS should form stronger partnerships with charitable and voluntary sector organisations.  They stated:


“When funding is tight, NHS, local authority and central government support for charities and voluntary organisations is put under pressure. However these voluntary organisations often have an impact well beyond what statutory services alone can achieve.

Too often the NHS conflates the voluntary sector with the idea of volunteering, whereas these organisations provide a rich range of activities, including information, advice, advocacy and they deliver vital services with paid expert staff. Often they are better able to reach underserved groups, and are a source of advice for commissioners on particular needs. So in addition to other steps the NHS will take, we will seek to reduce the time and complexity associated with securing local NHS funding by developing a short national alternative to the standard NHS contract where grant funding may be
more appropriate than burdensome contracts, and by encouraging funders to commit to multiyear funding wherever possible”

Over the coming months, we will be building on this section of our website to create a signpost for local and national voluntary organisations waiting to assist you.

Further information:

Five Year Forward View

logo-halton-st-helens vol actionFor local information about volunteering or support groups visit Halton & St Helens Voluntary Support Action here