Due to demand for appointments outstripping capacity, we are asking patients to choose well and use a service appropriate to your need before booking an appointment at the practice.

The Royal College of General Practitioners is asking patients….before booking an appointment with the GP, please ask yourself:

Can I?

  1. self-care
  2. use NHS Choices or similar reputable websites/resources
  3. seek advice/treatment via a pharmacist

How to Book

There are three ways to book an appointment; by telephone, in person or online (using NHS app or your preferred app choice)  and our appointments are normally given on the same day of the request (subject to availability).  We do have a number of pre-bookable appointments which can be booked the same way.

You can telephone the practice on 0151 495 5140 from 9am onwards or from 8am for emergencies only (please follow the instructions given).

The telephone lines are extremely busy and we appreciate how this may be frustrating for patients when trying to book appointments at 9am, please be patient with reception staff, their job is very demanding.  They work to strict protocols and follow practice guidelines when working with patients.

You can make an appointment by visiting the surgery in person at 9am onwards.  If you want to speak to the receptionist in private, please advise the staff who will arrange for you to speak to someone in private.

You can also book an appointment in advance using the NHS app or preferred app via your smartphone but you will need to register for this service.  For further information about online services click here.

If you prefer to see a particular GP please request at the time of booking your appointment and we will try to accommodate if available.

Should you request an emergency appointment when surgery is fully booked, the Reception staff will pass on your request to the GP who will assess the urgency and act accordingly.

Please note that Reception staff only have a finite number of appointments to give out each day, they do not have authority to add in extra patients without direction from the GP.

Patients attending the UTC (Urgent Treatment Centre) in Widnes or Runcorn may be referred to the GP for an emergency appointment if and when they feel this is clinically appropriate.

If you cannot keep your appointment please cancel by using one of the options below:

Call us on 0151 495 5140 as soon as you can

When you receive your appointment reminder text, reply with the word Cancel.

Please note that to use SMS/Text service effectively, we need your current up to date mobile phone number and consent to text you. This can be given online via the contact menu on this website.