Access to Medical Reports

The Access to Medical Reports Act (1988) states that patients should be offered a copy of their medical report and the opportunity to review it prior to submission to an organisation that has requested it, e.g. their employer or insurance company.

It is the duty of the person or organisation requesting the report to obtain consent from the patient, and this consent should be in writing.

Under the Act, if a patient expresses a wish to see a report before it is submitted, they must arrange to do this within a 21-day period. We are obliged to keep the report for at least six months and patients have the right to see the report during this period.

For further information, NHS Choices have some useful information here.

Requests for information can be emailed to  Alternatively, requests can be made verbally or in writing to Claire Tennant, Practice Business Manager/IM&T.  We may need to verify your identity.